PlaceNameBib NoGun TimeAge Group DescriptionTeam Name
1Ryan Prout53732:42M OpenChelmsford AC
2Crispian Bloomfield61733:15M 40 to 49Billericay striders
3Tim Woulfe44134:15M OpenBraintree & District AC
4Robert Reason14434:23M OpenHarwich Runners
5Malcolm Muir38634:35M 40 to 49Ilford AC
6Ian Clark12835:00M OpenOrion Harriers
7Matthew Saward47935:09M OpenChelmsford AC
8Stephen Strange60335:18M OpenBasildon AC
9Alex Manton8535:19M OpenSpringfield Striders RC
10Ken Hoye62735:29M 40 to 49Chelmsford AC
11Owen Thomas61935:38M OpenChelmsford AC
12Heydon Mizon29536:31M 40 to 49Witham RC
13Reece Asik62936:34M OpenChelmsford AC
14Chris Wayman48436:54M OpenBenfleet RC
15Alex Benson18136:57M OpenSpringfield Striders RC
16Andy Low27737:26M 40 to 49Benfleet RC
17Paul Ruffy52837:29M OpenBenfleet RC
18Stuart Raven14837:30M 40 to 49Springfield Striders RC
19Alexa Joel8437:33F OpenChelmsford AC
20Ryan Day33837:50M Open 
21Robert Vinicombe55837:51M OpenPhoenix Striders
22Robin McCoy10837:57M 50+Billericay striders
23Conor Culham27038:16M OpenBraintree & District AC
24Paul McKenna40438:17M OpenGrange Farm and Dunmow Runners
25Wayne Lyle2538:23M 40 to 49Barking Road Runners
26Alan Clark43138:26M 50+Benfleet RC
27Rebecca Cole54638:26F OpenChelmsford AC
28Scott Darney15938:48M OpenWitham RC
29Samantha Bilbie36038:56F 35 to 44Springfield Striders RC
30Keith Martin41939:09M Open 
31Elliot Worth16839:24M 40 to 49 
32Leo Cole42439:27M 40 to 49Witham RC
33Anthony Tobin49739:33M OpenThurrock harriers
34Jamie Jephcott46739:42M 40 to 49Harlow running club
35Sean Darney42639:46M OpenWitham RC
36Simon Smith52139:49M 50+Colchester Harriers AC
37Mike Quaye36639:51M 40 to 49 
38Nick Trencher12739:53M 40 to 49Thurrock harriers
39Giles Sowerby7239:55M OpenWitham RC
40Matt Barrett17239:59M OpenFlyers Southend
41Jon Byford42840:00M 40 to 49Springfield Striders RC
42Adam Shaw18640:12M OpenRochford Running Club
43Stephen Sawyer32040:13M OpenDengie 100 Runners
44Mark Ward36940:17M Open 
45Peter Barrett47440:18M 40 to 49Thrift Green Trotters
46Mark Buckley2840:20M 40 to 49Springfield Striders RC
47Kate Mills6740:21F 45+Springfield Striders RC
48Lloyd Miles60240:33M 40 to 49Billericay striders
49Glyn Loveday4340:35M 40 to 49Ely Runners
50Tom Davies22140:40M 50+RunFit Essex
51Ashwin Shah62040:52M OpenGrange Farm and Dunmow Runners
52Val Govender940:53M 40 to 49Springfield Striders RC
53Peter Adkins42140:53M 40 to 49 
54Andrew Lager1640:54M 40 to 49Witham RC
55Tim Martin39440:56M OpenThurrock harriers
56Phil Grewock10941:04M OpenEast Essex Triathlon Club
57Dervish Bartlett21541:08M 40 to 49Barking Road Runners
58Sarah Pennington2641:15F OpenSouthend ac
59Neal Pavitt22241:18M Open 
60Tim Tomlins2041:20M 40 to 49Benfleet RC
61Paul Turner31741:28M Open 
62Richard Nation36241:30M 40 to 49Chelmsford AC
63Robert Sumner23541:39M Open 
64John Cutter59641:42M 50+ 
65Antony Goodall5941:50M 40 to 49Springfield Striders RC
66Hayley Pegg141:50F OpenChelmsford AC
67Duane Randall26441:54M 40 to 49 
68Sean Henderson39042:05M OpenGrange Farm and Dunmow Runners
69Lee Pembroke31642:06M 40 to 49Witham RC
70Vicky Hunt16342:11F 35 to 44Witham RC
71Jackie Stretton4242:16F OpenSpringfield Striders RC
72Graeme St Leger38842:24M OpenSpringfield Striders RC
73Jordan Adams53842:29M Open 
74Steve Danby16642:30M 50+ 
75Matt Davis24542:33M Open 
76Kyle Jeffery62542:41M Open 
77Marc Underdown16142:41M 40 to 49Witham RC
78Matthew Mason45042:48M 40 to 49Ely Runners
79Daniel Wilkinson56642:50M OpenColchester Harriers AC
80Ben Horsburgh40243:02M OpenEssex Boot Camp
81Barry Plowman49643:04M 40 to 49Braintree & District AC
82Helen Thomsit14043:04F 35 to 44Little Baddow Ridge Runners
83Martin England31843:06M 50+Castle Point Joggers
84Alex Childs44243:08M 50+Flyers Southend
85Tim Utting18743:08M OpenRochford Running Club
86Gary Rowlatt7643:15M 40 to 49Thurrock harriers
87Rick Wade42543:15M 40 to 49Castle Point Joggers
88Tony Collins14643:21M OpenHavering Ac
89Alan Fox55643:27M 40 to 49Phoenix Striders
90Lee Clarkson22443:35M OpenGreat Bentley Running Club
91David Weldon6443:35M 40 to 49 
92Ruth Smith13643:38F OpenLittle Baddow Ridge Runners
93Michael Burrows51343:40M OpenColchester Harriers AC
94Jack Hodges34743:46M OpenBenfleet RC
95Chris Burgess56443:47M 40 to 49RunFit Essex
96Oliver Southgate41843:51M 40 to 49 
97Lydia Bazzard32143:51F 35 to 44Dengie 100 Runners
98Jordan Barker33243:51M Open 
99Ronald Vialls21644:02M 50+Barking Road Runners
100Kasia Kostyrka-Allchorne27244:06F 35 to 44Southend ac
101Jayne Atkinson64744:09F 35 to 44RunFit Essex
102simon farren7944:23M 40 to 49 
103Julie Beasant35844:31F 35 to 44Virgin Active Runners chelmsford
104Cliff Weatherup37844:34M 50+Mid-Essex Casuals
105Simon Badcock6644:38M 40 to 49 
106Daniel Tunbridge55344:41M 40 to 49Dengie 100 Runners
107Ben Cuddy60944:44M Open 
108Lyndon Bubb33544:46M 40 to 49Ravens City of London RC
109Gerry McGovern244:56M 50+Flyers Southend
110Rob Burdge62144:57M Open 
111Jack Spencer-Kelly61044:59M Open 
112Paul Agastina24845:02M 40 to 49Phoenix Striders
113Jayne Stacey4545:02F OpenBenfleet RC
114Kate Powell13945:14F OpenLittle Baddow Ridge Runners
115Neil Weston-Stokes20045:17M Open 
116Simon King15245:31M 50+Grange Farm and Dunmow Runners
117Joanna Arscott58345:32F 35 to 44Bishops stortford running club
118Paul Thomas16445:33M 40 to 49Witham RC
119Lee Hazelwood57945:36M 50+Phoenix Striders
120Michael Smith57745:37M Open 
121Grant England44545:37M OpenBillericay striders
122Michael Fance41145:44M 50+ 
123shawn beckerleg45345:47M 40 to 49Witham RC
124Warren Prentice47645:49M 40 to 49 
125Alexander Thornton37445:51M 40 to 49Flyers Southend
126kevin kirby26845:52M 50+ 
127Gary Chandler38245:55M 40 to 49Springfield Striders RC
128Jack Gear38445:55M Open 
129Amy Gutsell62645:56F Open 
130Glen Robinson54746:02M 50+Credit Suisse Athletics Network
131Andy Notley13546:04M OpenWitham RC
132Sally Hoyle61346:05F Open 
133GARY Jackson35146:07M OpenNuclear Races
134Martin Orford18246:13M 50+Phoenix Striders
135Marie Shirley52046:13F 35 to 44Colchester Harriers AC
136Stuart Ross65046:13M 40 to 49 
137Michelle Evans20146:24F 35 to 44Rochford Running Club
138Mike Frost14146:25M 40 to 49 
139Leigh Norris28946:29M OpenThrift Green Trotters
140Penny Jackson35346:34F 35 to 44Nuclear Races
141Neil Mapes58246:37M 40 to 49 
142John Mills6846:47M 40 to 49Springfield Striders RC
143Paul Hudson14746:50M 40 to 49 
144Thomas Fryatt32946:51M Open 
145Ciaran Glennon11246:53M 40 to 49 
146Chris Durham35446:54M 40 to 49 
147Chris Garey30246:59M OpenSpringfield Striders RC
148Graham Eyre13847:02M 50+Witham RC
149Kathleen Short24447:08F 35 to 44Thrift Green Trotters
150Justin Horrocks20347:09M 40 to 49 
151Stephen Burton1447:18M 50+Benfleet RC
152Christopher Sewell34547:19M 50+Springfield Striders RC
153Matt Mead48347:20M Open 
154Wendy Aldridge25947:24F 45+Dengie 100 Runners
155Clive Stephenson55547:26M 50+East London Triathletes
156Ben Frost9947:27M 40 to 49Springfield Striders RC
157Philip Butt59147:28M 40 to 49 
158Fiona Walker18847:30F 45+Rochford Running Club
159Lee Chester31047:35M 40 to 49 
160james price55447:37M 40 to 49Phoenix Striders
161Sean Briscomb21047:38M 40 to 49 
162Alistair Dewar64147:44M Open 
163Kim Holland36547:58F 35 to 44Leigh-On-Sea Striders
164Isla Sinclair5048:05F 35 to 44Benfleet RC
165Ruth Havis19948:09F 35 to 44Billericay striders
166Angela Manley9748:11F 45+Witham RC
167Alexander Rotard58748:13M Open 
168Kevin Bellamy48248:16M 50+ 
169Roy Guit43248:18M 40 to 49 
170Rob Reader63748:19M Open 
171Olaf Goegel33648:22M 40 to 49 
172Colin Wingham50848:23M 40 to 49 
173Jana Wilkins29248:24F 35 to 44RunFit Essex
174Charlotte Elms16548:24F OpenWitham RC
175Steve Healey27848:30M 40 to 49Phoenix Striders
176Lauren Hayes58848:33F Open 
177Melvyn Cooper32848:37M 50+Thrift Green Trotters
178Dean Harriss47148:39M OpenFlyers Southend
179Sarah Harriss47048:40F 35 to 44Flyers Southend
180Kameron Simmons-Sandy28848:40M OpenCerist Triathlon
181Danny Piggott55948:43M 40 to 49Billericay striders
182Graham Douglass2448:51M 40 to 49Benfleet RC
183Danielle Hughes28148:56F Open 
184Gordon Greenhalgh41248:57M 40 to 49 
185Ruth Roberts11948:58F 45+Phoenix Striders
186Anna Nuttall15748:59F 35 to 44 
187Andy Simmons26949:03M 40 to 49Taunton Running Club
188Adam Stow24049:06M 40 to 49Phoenix Striders
189Mark Cowan3649:07M 40 to 49Benfleet RC
190Mark Moughton349:14M 50+Springfield Striders RC
191COLIN SHORT12649:19M 50+Witham RC
192JO PEARCE23249:19F 45+Phoenix Striders
193Nick Jones39949:21M Open 
194Mark Callan56949:26M 50+ 
195Brendon Corr57849:26M Open 
196Phillip Haynes9249:27M Open 
197David Mason52349:31M 40 to 49Springfield Striders RC
198Mike Ward12149:33M 40 to 49 
199Colin Murdoch50349:35M 50+ 
200Anita Grainger1349:38F 45+Witham RC
201Zoe Barber9349:39F Open 
202Wayne Hazell28049:40M 50+ 
203Gary Levey63149:40M 50+ 
204Katie Pullen14549:41F Open 
205Robert Shaw49049:42M 50+Saffron Striders
206Paul Tunmer5649:46M 50+Springfield Striders RC
207Stuart Harrison51049:50M Open 
208Alan Cooke48949:53M 40 to 49 
209Geraldine Howard4749:54F 45+ 
210Daniel Griffiths63550:01M 40 to 49 
211Mary Lloyd21250:02F 45+Thrift Green Trotters
212Graham Bardell44750:07M 50+JBR Run & Tri Club
213Ray Groom43450:13M 40 to 49 
214David Cockrell37050:19M 50+ 
215Robert Goode18050:21M OpenPhoenix Striders
216Nina Gandy8350:21F Open 
217Kim Vinicombe25750:23F 45+Phoenix Striders
218Anne Purdham37250:23F 45+Flyers Southend
219Mark Armitage14250:24M 40 to 49Leigh-On-Sea Striders
220Steve Jackson14350:24M 40 to 49 
221Lisa Cox60850:32F Open 
222Sharon Bannister38050:36F 45+Springfield Striders RC
223Deborah Hitching49450:38F 35 to 44Springfield Striders RC
224Cherri Farren7850:40F 35 to 44 
225Katy O'Leary8850:45F 45+Great Bentley Running Club
226thomas davies51650:49M 50+ 
227John Warne51450:49M 50+Braintree & District AC
228Bernard Bazley42250:52M 50+ 
229Alison Hall54550:59F 45+Leigh-On-Sea Striders
230David King27351:06M Open 
231Andrew Silverton10151:28M Open 
232Charlotte King15151:29F 35 to 44Grange Farm and Dunmow Runners
233Morgan Reddish6151:31F 35 to 44Benfleet RC
234Josey Lunn63251:32F Open 
235Matt Brindley54451:34M Open 
236Lucy Hill42951:36F Open 
237Hazel Cobham39851:47F 35 to 44Flyers Southend
238Benjamin Bave31351:53M Open 
239Francesca Thornton40351:56F OpenEssex Boot Camp
240Terry Huff34151:56M 40 to 49 
241Lee Chatter47351:58M Open 
242Carly Stevenson64551:59F 35 to 44Dengie 100 Runners
243Claire Glennon11152:00F 35 to 44 
244Martin Cook43952:01M 50+Braintree & District AC
245Catherine Marriott32552:03F 35 to 44 
246Matt Ride47252:06M 40 to 49 
247Mark Drain46852:10M Open 
248Christine Marsh36152:14F 45+ 
249Jennifer Bishop29652:20F OpenRochford Running Club
250Simon Ambrose44052:28M 40 to 49Flyers Southend
251Luke Keteleers48752:30M OpenChelmsford AC
252Claire Watson56052:31F 35 to 44 
253Ellena Farrow17052:39F OpenLong Brew Running Club
254Kelly Hubert64952:40F 35 to 44RunFit Essex
255Terry Cowell6952:49M Open 
256John Moore54052:55M 50+ 
257Ian Box1052:58M 50+ 
258Jack Simpson40753:06M Open 
259John Wilkinson23853:08M 50+Phoenix Striders
260Ed Osborne51853:08M Open 
261PETER CHAPLIN57153:09M 50+Pitsea RC
262Paul Omer13753:10M 50+Pitsea RC
263Steve Smith30853:10M 40 to 49 
264Jenny Zaremba56553:11F 45+Burnham Joggers
265Emily Penkett8753:11F 35 to 44 
266Michelle Forskett64853:12F 45+RunFit Essex
267Martyn Mckean13453:15M 50+Rochford Running Club
268Ernest Mulryne46453:18M 50+ 
269John Bryce62853:18M Open 
270Joanne Day25253:19F 45+Thrift Green Trotters
271Melanie Anthony5153:19F 35 to 44Benfleet RC
272Samuel Hill38953:27M Open 
273Richard Gunner2253:30M 40 to 49Dagenham 88 Runners
274Sam Nicole40653:31M Open 
275Lynsey Gray23753:35F 45+Phoenix Striders
276Katy Sodeau22053:37F 45+RunFit Essex
277Donna Hindle36753:40F 45+Springfield Striders RC
278Adam Jackson50553:44M Open 
279Kelly Turk21953:46F OpenSpringfield Striders RC
280Rowan Ashwell53153:52M OpenRoyal mail engineers
281Amanda Moreton49553:53F 45+ 
282Sarah Orley18953:53F 45+ 
283Sarah Goodwin21154:00F 45+Springfield Striders RC
284Wendy Saunders60154:05F 45+Dagenham 88 Runners
285Richard King27454:15M Open 
286Jackie Sibthorp48854:18F 45+RunFit Essex
287Anna Saward58454:21F Open 
288Martin Collier51954:21M 50+ 
289Matt Desborough40854:30M Open 
290Helen Akpabio26654:36F 35 to 44 
291Michelle Smith30754:39F 45+ 
292Liz Turk40954:42F 45+Springfield Striders RC
293Jessica Dellow17454:47F Open 
294Nick Oakley25454:53M 50+LWFitness4all running club
295Rebecca Farrer60555:00F 35 to 44Papworth Runners
296Jenny Chandler38355:05F Open 
297Anna Whitehead46355:09F 45+ 
298Theresa Howe7455:11F 45+Pitsea RC
299Martin Janes34455:12M 40 to 49 
300Mark Pearce62355:16M 40 to 49 
301Samantha Wright45655:18F Open 
302Sharley Smith12455:20F OpenRochford Running Club
303Alan Porter33455:24M 50+Billericay striders
304Josephine Oakley25555:25F Open 
305Anthony Dickenson3455:26M Open 
306David Eddie Mills55155:29M 50+Phoenix Striders
307Clare Jennings58955:32F 35 to 44 
308Matthew Perkins54155:39M 40 to 49 
309Mark Babbage49355:41M 50+Springfield Striders RC
310Darren Emmett61855:44M 40 to 49Flyers Southend
311Sharon Ruffy52955:44F 35 to 44Benfleet RC
312Hayley Roberts31455:46F 45+ 
313Nick Atling64055:48M Open 
314Andy Sharp8655:50M 40 to 49 
315Robert alan Perkins50655:53M Open 
316Shanmugam Sadhasivam63855:59M 40 to 49 
317Chris Zaremba56356:05M 50+Fitness Over Fifty
318Sam Wilson42756:05M OpenHalstead Road Runners
319David Mackay21356:07M 40 to 49 
320Marvyn Owen41056:08M 50+Chelmsford AC
321Claire Burke22956:10F 35 to 44Thrift Green Trotters
322Patrick Clark60056:11M 40 to 49 
323Louise Hart34256:12F 35 to 44Dengie 100 Runners
324david jeffrey22756:12M 40 to 49RunFit Essex
325Christine Callan56856:15F 45+ 
326Mark Rawlinson18456:16M 50+Tri Sport Epping
327Becky Grimwood54356:26F OpenWitham RC
328Nick Dunbar4856:32M 40 to 49 
329Jennifer Turk43556:34F OpenSpringfield Striders RC
330Stuart Darney30356:36M OpenSpringfield Striders RC
331Holly Thompson4656:38F OpenSpringfield Striders RC
332Ian Brazier3056:38M 40 to 49Springfield Striders RC
333Gemma Jones24256:43F OpenPhoenix Striders
334Pip Piperdy17856:46F OpenPhoenix Striders
335Rachel Varnam35756:48F Open 
336Amanda Brooks16056:53F OpenNewquay Road Runners
337Andrew Nash15656:54M 40 to 49Leigh-On-Sea Striders
338Terry Allen46556:56M 50+Benfleet RC
339Steven Allen46256:56M Open 
340Aran Gibbs26357:02M OpenFlyers Southend
341Tracey Denby32357:04F 45+Witham RC
342Ben Clelland46157:09M Open 
343David Beckerleg45457:10M 50+Witham RC
344Rachael Thornton37357:13F 35 to 44Flyers Southend
345Jacqui Wellington37757:14F 45+Flyers Southend
346ian hessey11457:26M 50+ 
347Steve Hoskin25357:29M 40 to 49 
348Victoria Turner38757:39F 35 to 44Springfield Striders RC
349Michelle Tarbun35257:42F 35 to 44Stabilis
350Apryl Hammet47757:44F 35 to 44 
351Louise Shaw59757:44F 45+ 
352Emily Wray56157:45F OpenPhoenix Striders
353VICKI Robins10257:54F 35 to 44Springfield Striders RC
354Melanie Munday19257:56M 40 to 49 
355Sandra Webb22857:57F 45+Chelmer Roadrunners
356Mark Munday19157:57M 40 to 49Springfield Striders RC
357Kelly Jeffery21757:59F 35 to 44 
358Adam Gandy8258:01M Open 
359Vickie Daymond57558:06F 35 to 44 
360Dominic Harrington36358:14M 40 to 49Weald Park Warriors
361Nicola Myers32658:18F Open 
362Moira Mason32258:19F 45+ 
363Steve Simmons28758:20M 40 to 49 
364Calire Mathews59958:33F 45+Rochford Running Club
365Laura Pottle19058:33F OpenRochford Running Club
366Ian Gandy8158:35M 50+ 
367Paul Bareham57358:36M Open 
368Louise Garrett20758:42F 35 to 44Flitch Green Runners
369Stuart Arscott50758:44M 40 to 49 
370John Hoskyn29958:48M 50+ 
371Alys Williams50058:49F Open 
372Natalie Bott20858:51F Open 
373Nicola Maslen23958:52F 45+Phoenix Striders
374Cheryl Wilson17958:52F 35 to 44Phoenix Striders
375Terry Coker44358:58M 50+Flyers Southend
376Samantha Jones13158:59F 45+Flyers Southend
377Ieva Klavina62259:00F 35 to 44Papworth Runners
378Gergana Danby16759:07F 35 to 44 
379Diane Beaver47559:11F 45+Rochford Running Club
380Suzanne Teodorska10659:14F 35 to 44 
381Michelle Eady57459:18F 35 to 44 
382Tony Bave31259:19M 50+ 
383Gilly Anderson44659:22F Open 
384Craig Brummel57259:22M Open 
385Jonathan L Enefer16959:30M 40 to 49Run For Your Life
386Liam Robinson49159:32M 50+ 
387Alison Rayman61259:53F 35 to 44 
388lisa pettitt23359:54F Open 
389Christine Abbott5151:00:21F 45+ 
390Alison Vincent1831:00:32F 45+Infinity Tri Club
391Marina Farmer2091:00:36F 35 to 44 
392Sally Rothwell621:00:39F 35 to 44Flyers Southend
393Claire Medhurst1761:00:52F 35 to 44 
394Julie Pugh1031:01:04F 35 to 44 
395Carine Griffiths6341:01:09F 35 to 44 
396Rosalind McKenna1971:01:14F OpenGrange Farm and Dunmow Runners
397Ben Morris6361:01:22M Open 
398Suzanne Wheaton5811:01:27F 35 to 44 
399Rob Grimwood5421:01:32M OpenWitham RC
400Andrea Turner5251:01:39F 35 to 44 
401Karen Wiffen6441:01:41F 45+ 
402Richard Roberts3391:01:47M 40 to 49 
403Charlotte Ball41:01:49F Open 
404Grahame Walkingshaw4601:01:57M 50+ 
405Jess Belfield-Waters521:01:59F Open 
406Graham Ogan4171:02:10M 50+Michelle's running club
407Victoria Jones5301:02:17F Open 
408Jenny Noble1101:02:18F OpenFlyers Southend
409Samantha Legg3711:02:20F 35 to 44Flyers Southend
410Maria Mcqueenie3961:02:29F 35 to 44Phoenix Striders
411Anna Luff3401:02:31F OpenSpringfield Striders RC
412Claire Roe5221:02:36F 35 to 44Springfield Striders RC
413Jade Britton2051:02:37F OpenRochford Running Club
414Michelle Eley2621:02:43F 45+Chelmer Roadrunners
415Nicola Dallinger4051:02:57F Open 
416Claire Simpson81:03:06F 35 to 44Phoenix Striders
417Lee Pennyfather2511:03:09M 40 to 49 
418Pia Stephenson2501:03:09F Open 
419Catheeine Barnes1071:03:13F 35 to 44 
420Karen Wallis2431:03:25F 45+Phoenix Striders
421Meg Garwood5701:03:35F OpenSpringfield Striders RC
422Helen Mould951:03:48F Open 
423Sam Bishop2971:03:57M OpenRochford Running Club
424Andrea Mckeown61:03:59F Open 
425Sally-ann Woods5671:04:02F 45+ 
426Casey Wicks5361:04:05F OpenThrift Green Trotters
427Jessica Wicks5351:04:06F 35 to 44Thrift Green Trotters
428Joanna Dickenson351:04:09F Open 
429Emma George5261:04:16F OpenRochford Running Club
430Susannah Owen291:04:25F 35 to 44 
431Laura King121:04:28F 35 to 44 
432Gillian Bundock5121:04:31F 45+Rochford Running Club
433Vicki Tracy1501:04:42F 35 to 44Flyers Southend
434Sherry Fuller5341:04:48F 35 to 44Flyers Southend
435Lisa Lager6161:04:55F 35 to 44 
436Gabby Atling5981:05:06F 45+Rochford Running Club
437Sue Easteal381:05:16F 35 to 44 
438Sharon wilkinson6111:05:33F 45+ 
439Kayleigh Carr5951:05:38F 35 to 44 
440Nelson Howe731:05:38M 50+Phoenix Striders
441Sergio De Melo Barbeitos3011:05:39M 40 to 49 
442Anthony Wellington3761:05:39M 50+Flyers Southend
443Jacqui West2461:05:53F 45+Phoenix Striders
444Stephen Parr3091:06:03M 40 to 49 
445Karen White3111:06:03F 45+ 
446Mandy Wood2561:06:04F 45+Chelmer Roadrunners
447Clive Coxon771:06:06M 50+ 
448Samantha Grant1151:06:14F Open 
449Amanda Markham2231:06:38F Open 
450Karen Liesching-Schroder1301:06:40F 35 to 44Flyers Southend
451Keith Passingham1291:06:40M 50+Flyers Southend
452Helene Musso4011:07:15F 45+Infinity Tri Club
453Catherine Munnings3041:07:22F 35 to 44 
454Brian Lloyd2361:07:33M 40 to 49Phoenix Striders
455Beverley Cook4781:07:36F 45+Braintree & District AC
456Sarah Starling4441:07:45F 45+Flyers Southend
457Caroline Kelly6431:07:58F Open 
458Gemma Greenham6461:07:58F OpenDynamos
459Murray Burgess1131:08:11M 40 to 49 
460Jerry Miller531:08:14M 40 to 49Flyers Southend
461Joanne Parry371:08:23F 35 to 44 
462Gary Walsh4141:08:32M 50+Leigh-On-Sea Striders
463Jennifer Walsh4131:08:37F 45+Leigh-On-Sea Striders
464Felicity Spencer5801:08:41F 35 to 44 
465Kate Hill1931:08:48F 35 to 44Dynamos
466Claire walsh4151:08:51F Open 
467Jean Sherwin2061:08:58F 45+ 
468Carole Vinicombe2411:09:09F 45+Phoenix Striders
469Rachel Hill5011:09:19F 45+ 
470Claire Rainbird3001:09:22F 35 to 44 
471John Bush1731:09:27M 50+Great Bentley Running Club
472Sowrirajan Kalyanaraman6391:09:55M 40 to 49 
473Liz Digby2491:10:01F 35 to 44 
474Louise Gear3851:10:07F 45+ 
475Sarah Nash1551:10:13F 45+Leigh-On-Sea Striders
476Thomas Hart3431:10:14M Open 
477Sophie Cook2261:10:44F OpenBillericay striders
478Michael Ball5621:11:44M 50+Barking Road Runners
479Pam Murdoch5041:11:57F 45+ 
480Erika Diez4371:12:00F OpenFlyers Southend
481Pete Moulton5241:12:02M 50+ 
482Charlotte Moore6331:12:10F Open 
483Paula Clark1051:12:27F 35 to 44 
484Sarah Hart1041:12:33F 35 to 44 
485Mike Gosling3301:12:38M 50+ 
486Jenna Gosling4161:12:39F Open 
487Jenny Smith5761:12:58F Open 
488Lisa Hart5171:13:47F 45+Flyers Southend
489Johanna Read2861:14:09F 35 to 44Running Colchester
490David Wignall271:14:09M 40 to 49 
491Louise Banks2601:14:18F 35 to 44Dynamos
492Emma Oddy391:14:20F 35 to 44 
493David Major941:14:40M Open 
494Elaine Major3481:15:16F 35 to 44 
495Sarah Fairhurst5921:15:30F 35 to 44 
496Sarah Bramall1771:15:45F 35 to 44 
497Susan Bannocks401:16:10F 45+Phoenix Striders
498Siofra Whyte2021:22:36F 35 to 44Dynamos
499Andreea Bornaz2471:22:51F 35 to 44 
500Susan Hughes2821:23:00F 45+Phoenix Striders
501Daisy Eleady-Cole2671:26:46F 45+