PlaceNameBib NoChip TimeGun TimeAge Group DescriptionTeam
1Ben Brewster31056:3856:38M 18 to 39Wiltshire
2Jim Cooper20657:1257:12M 40 to 44Metropolitan
3Paul Cardy12557:3957:40M 18 to 39Hampshire
4Harry Paton6659:0459:04M 18 to 39City of London
5James Whitehead4359:5659:57M 18 to 39Cambridgeshire
6Chris Balmer411:00:271:00:28M 18 to 39Cambridgeshire
7Rob Grantham601:00:381:00:39M 40 to 44Cheshire
8Alex Daniels901:00:461:00:47M 40 to 44Devon and Cornwall
9Rob Jackaman2111:01:151:01:16M 18 to 39Metropolitan
10Natalie Farrow1951:01:421:01:43F 18 to 34Lincolnshire
11Andy Gardiner1031:02:061:02:08M 18 to 39Gloucestershire
12Andrew Hutson1971:02:551:02:56M 18 to 39Metropolitan
13Anthony Rickman1241:03:041:03:06M 40 to 44Hampshire
14Andrew Proctor1171:03:251:03:26M 40 to 44Hampshire
15Grant Bennett1391:03:261:03:27M 18 to 39Hertfordshire
16James Willoughby1801:03:511:03:52M 18 to 39Leicestershire
17Ian Ritchie2301:04:541:04:55M 18 to 39Northumbria
18John Davies2411:05:151:05:17M 18 to 39North Wales
19Paul Allen1331:05:371:05:39M 50 to 54Hertfordshire
20Mark King1901:05:491:05:52M 45 to 49Leicestershire
21Ed McNeil471:05:501:05:57M 18 to 39Cambridgeshire
22Andrew Hodgson2611:06:071:06:08M 45 to 49South Wales
23Iain Wedge591:06:131:06:15M 45 to 49Cheshire
24Paul Wyatt2081:06:431:06:44M 40 to 44Metropolitan
25Sarah Griffiths611:07:061:07:07F 18 to 34Cheshire
26Mark Edwards691:07:101:07:14M 40 to 44City of London
27Mike Martin1961:07:221:07:23M 18 to 39Metropolitan
28Darren Riley461:07:251:07:27M 50 to 54Cambridgeshire
29Matt Lauch491:07:301:07:32M 18 to 39Cambridgeshire
30Gary Witton2971:08:181:08:20M 40 to 44Sussex
31Neil Sloan401:08:271:08:35M 40 to 44Cambridgeshire
32Clive Ramsden881:08:531:08:54M 40 to 44Devon and Cornwall
33Tony Oliver831:09:001:09:02M 45 to 49Cleveland
34Scott Lynch1571:09:201:09:22M 45 to 49Kent
35Alexander McKend3011:09:201:09:28M 18 to 39Thames Valley
36Jim Buttleman1381:09:301:09:34M 50 to 54Hertfordshire
37Sarah Hill1291:09:431:09:44F 40 to 44Hampshire
38John Aked861:10:351:10:36M 18 to 39Devon and Cornwall
39Neil Pettie581:10:441:10:46M 40 to 44Cheshire
40Marc Evans91:11:001:11:06M 18 to 39Norfolk
41Scott Lloyd481:11:121:11:15M 40 to 44Cambridgeshire
42Lisa Sammons3031:11:181:11:18F 18 to 34Thames Valley
43Liam Phair2041:11:231:11:25M 18 to 39Metropolitan
44James Johnson871:11:281:11:32M 18 to 39Devon and Cornwall
45Mike Branston381:11:291:11:36M 40 to 44Cambridgeshire
46Stuart Weaver2791:11:361:11:39M 40 to 44Suffolk
47Des Michael1371:11:421:11:46M 60 +Hertfordshire
48Steve Harrison2071:12:031:12:05M 45 to 49Metropolitan
49Matt Holt2021:11:591:12:12M 18 to 39Metropolitan
50Gary Bullen51:12:091:12:15M 18 to 39Norfolk
51Steve Fleck3001:12:291:12:32M 55 to 59Thames Valley
52David Fulton1051:12:391:12:48M 50 to 54GMP
53Neil Coppack2441:12:481:12:52M 45 to 49North Wales
54John Diffey2561:12:511:12:56M 50 to 54South Wales
55Nick Jones2421:12:581:13:00M 18 to 39North Wales
56James Curtis701:12:521:13:02M 18 to 39City of London
57Andy Blaize2271:13:101:13:14M 45 to 49Northamptonshire
58Trevor Holden681:13:091:13:16M 50 to 54City of London
59Daniel Jones851:13:231:13:28M 18 to 39Devon and Cornwall
60Barry Frost931:13:351:13:40M 55 to 59Devon and Cornwall
61Robert Mahoney2381:14:091:14:13M 18 to 39North Wales
62Andrew Dudley911:14:131:14:18M 45 to 49Devon and Cornwall
63Ronnie Nelson1081:14:121:14:20M 18 to 39GMP
64Princeton Akpojaro2101:14:291:14:31M 45 to 49Metropolitan
65Laura Brine1451:14:301:14:32F 35 to 39Hertfordshire
66Cathy Bruneau2841:14:381:14:49F 45 to 49Suffolk
67David Allum11:14:521:14:58M 18 to 39Norfolk
68John Jackson971:14:421:15:00M 50 to 54Essex
69Gavin Colcombe2601:15:231:15:24M 18 to 39South Wales
70Anna Douglas2131:15:321:15:39F 18 to 34Metropolitan
71Chris Livingstone2461:15:421:15:45M 40 to 44P.S.N.I.
72Lindsay Chamberlain641:15:571:15:59F 40 to 44Cheshire
73Michael Bond991:16:111:16:23M 55 to 59Essex
74Simon Boghurst751:16:271:16:39M 50 to 54City of London
75Mark McLeavery2031:16:461:16:48M 40 to 44Metropolitan
76Joseph Chalk891:16:551:17:00M 40 to 44Devon and Cornwall
77Adrian Moody1581:17:091:17:13M 50 to 54Kent
78Lee Kuklinki3121:17:121:17:16M 18 to 39Wiltshire
79Trish Van Rouyen621:17:161:17:22F 40 to 44Cheshire
80Tim James2591:17:081:17:24M 40 to 44South Wales
81Michael Richards1121:17:191:17:28M 18 to 39Gwent
82Craig Turner1871:17:201:17:34M 18 to 39Leicestershire
83Stephen Brooks721:17:311:17:42M 50 to 54City of London
84Dominic Godbold1261:17:461:17:48M 18 to 39Hampshire
85Graham Brownsmith1741:17:491:17:57M 40 to 44Lancashire
86Stuart Welch3141:17:591:18:03M 18 to 39Wiltshire
87Ken Willis2261:18:001:18:04M 60 +Northamptonshire
88Richard Parkes2931:18:011:18:05M 40 to 44Surrey
89Sheryl Shea2361:18:021:18:08F 18 to 34North Wales
90Jack Pilkington551:18:101:18:13M 18 to 39Cheshire
91Craig Brown2311:18:101:18:15M 18 to 39Northumbria
92Sarah Green2151:18:331:18:40F 35 to 39Metropolitan
93Martin Caldwell561:18:371:18:40M 40 to 44Cheshire
94Robert Mills3051:18:501:18:55M 55 to 59West Midlands
95Joanne Church951:19:121:19:20F 50 to 54Devon and Cornwall
96Kat Kruse2161:19:391:19:40F 18 to 34Metropolitan
97Kevin Russell2571:19:391:19:48M 55 to 59South Wales
98April Withers2171:19:391:19:54F 18 to 34Metropolitan
99Arran Sayle1681:19:511:19:59M 40 to 44Lancashire
100Rob Goodman451:20:041:20:12M 18 to 39Cambridgeshire
101Jim Haylett371:20:141:20:18M 50 to 54Cambridgeshire
102Richard Collyer61:20:081:20:21M 45 to 49Norfolk
103Paula Reynolds1431:20:161:20:23F 40 to 44Hertfordshire
104Dave Solomon2761:20:171:20:29M 45 to 49Suffolk
105Ashlie May811:20:471:20:57F 45 to 49City of London
106Sian Beck2331:21:021:21:08F 35 to 39North Wales
107Cameron Wilson2531:21:071:21:09M 18 to 39Scotland Police
108Nick Chapman2681:20:591:21:14M 40 to 44Suffolk
109Sarah Stephens2141:21:551:22:02F 35 to 39Metropolitan
110Emma Spencer1941:21:501:22:04F 18 to 34Leicestershire
111Jacob Roberts2451:22:001:22:08M 18 to 39North Wales
112Claire Galpin521:22:071:22:11F 45 to 49Cambridgeshire
113Graham Hobbs1841:22:011:22:15M 50 to 54Leicestershire
114Dennis Nelson1721:22:141:22:21M 50 to 54Lancashire
115David Mills161:22:281:22:34M 18 to 39Norfolk
116Veronica Lawley1411:22:291:22:34F 55 to 59Hertfordshire
117Kelly Schonhage761:22:341:22:43F 35 to 39City of London
118Katrina Kemp1921:22:341:22:45F 55 to 59Leicestershire
119David Block31:22:501:22:56M 18 to 39Norfolk
120Nicki Davey3151:22:481:23:01F 45 to 49Wiltshire
121Gary Corns1041:23:061:23:15M 18 to 39GMP
122Chris Spencer1611:23:031:23:19M 18 to 39Kent
123Jon Edwards2901:23:101:23:26M 45 to 49Surrey
124Jamie Palmer1271:23:271:23:33M 40 to 44Hampshire
125Richard Wilson2051:23:291:23:35M 55 to 59Metropolitan
126Sally Prinsloo801:23:281:23:37F 40 to 44City of London
127Carly Jermy331:23:361:23:46F 35 to 39Norfolk
128Granville Williams2991:24:261:24:31M 45 to 49Thames Valley
129Laura Lawler1771:24:351:24:41F 45 to 49Lancashire
130Rachel Walsh2641:24:371:24:47F 35 to 39South Wales
131Rod Hockin1861:24:421:24:54M 50 to 54Leicestershire
132Sam Johnstone2241:25:121:25:19F 18 to 34Metropolitan
133Steve Adelsberg1541:25:121:25:28M 60 +Kent
134Kerry Twinn2221:25:261:25:33F 40 to 44Metropolitan
135Adele Mashiter3171:25:441:25:50F 45 to 49Lancashire
136John Cooper1551:25:571:26:11M 55 to 59Kent
137Andrew Guest1501:26:121:26:20M 40 to 44Humberside
138Lisa Gough281:26:351:26:45F 40 to 44Norfolk
139Richard Hill2691:26:371:26:49M 40 to 44Suffolk
140Damon Hope1191:26:491:27:00M 40 to 44Hampshire
141Kevin Chippendale3071:26:551:27:06M 60 +West Yorkshire
142Jason Wintin1011:27:001:27:11M 18 to 39Essex
143Steve Harvey2741:27:051:27:19M 18 to 39Suffolk
144Craig Ellis1151:27:241:27:33M 18 to 39Gwent
145Stephen Pope711:27:281:27:39M 18 to 39City of London
146Maria Greaves291:27:371:27:50F 35 to 39Norfolk
147Caroline Hutchison2251:27:581:28:06F 18 to 34Metropolitan
148David Needham2661:28:051:28:13M 60 +South Yorkshire
149Trevor Normoyle2091:28:131:28:17M 18 to 39Metropolitan
150Carlos Jones731:28:221:28:33M 40 to 44City of London
151Jacqui Reid2201:28:381:28:44F 50 to 54Metropolitan
152Louise Hamilton-Rout311:28:461:29:00F 18 to 34Norfolk
153Bill Rayner1341:28:571:29:06M 60 +Hertfordshire
154Kirsten Macbeth2341:29:021:29:10F 18 to 34North Wales
155Carl Horth1481:29:271:29:36M 18 to 39Humberside
156Lee Bailey2401:29:511:29:57M 40 to 44North Wales
157Talat Mahmood2011:30:241:30:33M 45 to 49Metropolitan
158Kevin Richards921:30:381:30:45M 50 to 54Devon and Cornwall
159Deborah Evans1161:30:471:30:57F 55 to 59Gwent
160Sally Youden2321:30:571:31:01F 35 to 39Northumbria
161Tom Smith201:31:021:31:13M 45 to 49Norfolk
162Charles Quaey981:30:561:31:15M 45 to 49Essex
163Deborah Hitching1021:31:251:31:36F 40 to 44Essex
164Kirk Wilson231:31:471:31:58M 45 to 49Norfolk
165Madeleine Moutrie2281:31:461:32:00F 55 to 59Northamptonshire
166Richard Houston2801:32:051:32:20M 45 to 49Suffolk
167Andrew Poole181:32:311:32:42M 40 to 44Norfolk
168Clare Halfpenny1421:32:361:32:44F 40 to 44Hertfordshire
169Lucy Campbell241:32:441:32:53F 45 to 49Norfolk
170Mark Evans1071:32:501:33:06M 50 to 54GMP
171Laura Butcher2631:32:551:33:12F 18 to 34South Wales
172Mel McClure2121:33:121:33:21F 55 to 59Metropolitan
173Martin Gardiner391:33:401:33:44M 40 to 44Cambridgeshire
174Dawn Collyer251:33:491:34:02F 35 to 39Norfolk
175Sara Crane961:33:481:34:03F 45 to 49Devon and Cornwall
176Mark Mulryan1701:34:221:34:29M 45 to 49Lancashire
177Richard Cordery1561:34:331:34:49M 18 to 39Kent
178Heather Mitchell3081:35:131:35:23F 60+West Yorkshire
179Mary Allieu2181:35:081:35:26F 40 to 44Metropolitan
180Steve Plumb1821:35:241:35:40M 50 to 54Leicestershire
181Gordon McCrae2491:35:421:35:52M 40 to 44Scotland Police
182Mark Porter1751:35:471:36:04M 50 to 54Lancashire
183Julie Martin1661:35:521:36:10F 40 to 44Kent
184Gareth Jaggard2431:36:091:36:15M 18 to 39North Wales
185Jennifer Wright2851:36:261:36:38F 35 to 39Suffolk
186Rose Jennings1441:36:341:36:43F 35 to 39Hertfordshire
187Stephen New1131:36:401:36:51M 50 to 54Gwent
188Richard Baldwin1181:37:091:37:24M 45 to 49Hampshire
189Stuart Goldsack2391:38:201:38:24M 18 to 39North Wales
190Mark Barney2701:38:251:38:36M 18 to 39Suffolk
191Matthew Allen2981:38:261:38:38M 40 to 44Thames Valley
192Michael Flower101:38:581:39:08M 40 to 44Norfolk
193Phil Corris1711:38:541:39:10M 60 +Lancashire
194Angie Holmes1651:39:121:39:29F 18 to 34Kent
195Mark Braithwaite3091:39:491:40:02M 45 to 49Wiltshire
196Robert King141:40:071:40:12M 40 to 44Norfolk
197Pete Dargue1851:40:241:40:38M 60 +Leicestershire
198Siobhan McLeod2951:40:441:41:01F 45 to 49Surrey
199Jill Memory1931:40:571:41:11F 60+Leicestershire
200Helen Hayes1461:41:141:41:21F 40 to 44Hertfordshire
201Lucy Driver2871:41:151:41:27F 18 to 34Suffolk
202Nina Green301:41:361:41:40F 35 to 39Norfolk
203Jo Garrard2811:41:381:41:51F 45 to 49Suffolk
204Kevin Scannell2621:41:521:42:08M 45 to 49South Wales
205Steve Broadbent1671:41:591:42:15M 55 to 59Lancashire
206Robert Fossey111:42:051:42:20M 60 +Norfolk
207Marj MacCullum3161:42:321:42:45F 50 to 54Wiltshire
208Richard Watson1891:43:261:43:40M 45 to 49Leicestershire
209Caroline Filmer1631:43:351:43:53F 40 to 44Kent
210Deborah Brady771:43:591:44:11F 35 to 39City of London
211Terasa Holden1471:44:061:44:14F 45 to 49Hertfordshire
212Nick Aitken2711:45:271:45:40M 45 to 49Suffolk
213Alex Saggers2671:45:391:45:54M 18 to 39Suffolk
214Darren Bird2781:46:121:46:24M 40 to 44Suffolk
215Rhian Jones2351:46:411:46:48F 18 to 34North Wales
216Lisa Duce1621:46:461:47:03F 50 to 54Kent
217Chris Thornton1881:47:141:47:30M 18 to 39Leicestershire
218James Parfree2921:47:261:47:45M 55 to 59Surrey
219Jenny Tattersall1911:47:411:47:56F 35 to 39Leicestershire
220Vanessa Hall3021:48:251:48:29F 35 to 39Thames Valley
221Patch Swindle3131:48:421:48:56M 50 to 54Wiltshire
222Andy Amos1361:49:281:49:37M 50 to 54Hertfordshire
223Daniel Parsons1221:49:561:50:08M 18 to 39Hampshire
224Peter Lawley1311:51:001:51:17M 55 to 59Hertfordshire
225Tracy Stevens361:51:391:51:48F 45 to 49Norfolk
226Philip McCullagh2471:52:321:52:41M 45 to 49P.S.N.I.
227Adam Blake421:52:291:52:44M 45 to 49Cambridgeshire
228Milan Desai1211:52:551:53:11M 45 to 49Hampshire
229Claire Stanistreet631:55:361:55:43F 18 to 34Cheshire
230Colin Scott2501:56:371:56:47M 45 to 49Scotland Police
231Brian Moore172:00:012:00:17M 60 +Norfolk
232Dilip Karia1202:01:022:01:18M 45 to 49Hampshire
233Vanisha Mistry342:02:362:02:41F 18 to 34Norfolk
234Hazel Flower262:02:302:02:45F 40 to 44Norfolk
235Bob Panton1602:05:022:05:20M 55 to 59Kent
236Louise Larter2882:06:052:06:19F 35 to 39Suffolk
237Karle Howard2732:06:052:06:19M 45 to 49Suffolk
238Wendy Gilham1642:06:072:06:25F 50 to 54Kent
239Carwyn Evans2582:07:332:07:50M 45 to 49South Wales
240Sue Harrison1782:12:442:13:02F 60+Lancashire
241Melwyn Moore1592:15:412:15:58M 50 to 54Kent