Wibbly Log Jog 2016

PlaceNameBib NoChip TimeGun TimeAge Group DescriptionTeam
1Ross Payne8731:4831:48M OpenEly Runners
2Kevin Vaughan34832:4532:46M 50 to 54Thetford AC
3Paul Martin13733:0633:06M OpenNorwich Road Runners
4Martyn Clarke24733:5333:53M 50 to 54Colchester Harriers AC
5Andrew Brett9434:1234:12M OpenRamsey Road Runners
6Simon Smith4534:2234:24M 40 to 44Thetford AC
7Matt Holmes1534:3634:38M OpenEly Runners
8Ben Morris14535:0235:05M OpenEly Runners
9Chris Tye22435:2735:29M 45 to 49Ipswich Triathlon Club
10Jason Wing735:2935:30M 45 to 49 
11Simon Smith20135:3335:35M 50 to 54Colchester Harriers AC
12James Lambert1435:4235:44M OpenColtishall Jaguars RC
13Jason Elrick9936:0336:03M 45 to 49 
14Martin Koenigsberger20536:0536:05M 45 to 49West Norfolk AC
15Mark White18136:1536:18M 40 to 44Haverhill Running Club
16Lee Thompson25636:2536:27M OpenEly Runners
17Nigel Sinclair19736:5336:56M 40 to 44 
18Karl Wright22937:1837:20M OpenThetford AC
19Howard Revell6337:2837:28M 50 to 54Framlingham Flyers
20Sabine Schaefer4037:3837:39F 35 to 39Thetford AC
21David Neeve33537:2537:43M OpenBungay Black Dog RC
22Martin Gooderham32638:0838:11M OpenHarling Athletic Club
23Adam Sheward18738:1338:15M OpenTri-Anglia Triathlon Club
24Matthew Mason11338:1938:22M 45 to 49Ely Runners
25Peter Bird12638:2038:24M 40 to 44Saint Edmund Pacers
26Chris Chorley2938:1938:32M 50 to 54Bungay Black Dog RC
27Nicola John1338:3638:38F OpenColtishall Jaguars RC
28Graham Boswell2038:4538:47M 55 to 59Royston Runners
29Andrew Bonner11838:5439:07M OpenEly Runners
30Kate Scotter3639:1039:14F OpenWymondham AC
31Paddy Thompson34339:0039:15M 45 to 49Ryston Runners
32Ian Cunnington20739:1939:25M 50 to 54Saint Edmund Pacers
33Daniel Ward20039:2539:27M OpenThetford AC
34Peter Miller31839:2739:31M Open 
35David Percy16239:2839:32M 40 to 44Haverhill Running Club
36James Catten10439:3139:35M Open 
37Pete Thompson22239:3139:37M 60 to 64Norfolk Gazelles RC
38Richard Crewe24339:4539:45M 40 to 44 
39Paul Jones32339:4539:49M 50 to 54Cambridge & Coleridge AC
40Brian Munns12939:4539:49M 50 to 54Newmarket Joggers
41Russell Slattery29640:1540:17M OpenThetford AC
42Jamie Randall33440:2440:30M 50 to 54Haverhill Running Club
43Carly Jermy34240:5040:54F 35 to 39City of Norwich AC
44John Cashen8340:5340:55M 50 to 54 
45Lauren Thomas13840:4340:56F OpenEly Runners
46Steven Rue31640:5040:58M 60 to 64Saint Edmund Pacers
47Michael Banner14040:5741:01M 50 to 54Haverhill Running Club
48Andrew Thompson26740:5241:04M 55 to 59Ely Runners
49James Crouchman8641:0541:10M 50 to 54 
50Neil Carter6941:1841:22M OpenIpswich Jaffa RC
51Andy Irvine31042:0442:07M 45 to 49Cambridge & Coleridge AC
52Morgan Crane34942:1742:24M 40 to 44 
53Warren Newell9342:1942:29M 50 to 54 
54Cheryl Tye22342:2642:30F 45 to 49Purple Patch Runners
55Brian Wright23042:2642:31M OpenThetford AC
56Samantha Cadman10542:3742:43F 40 to 44 
57Adam Haylett1042:4142:48M Open 
58Damian Harris-Dowsett24542:4042:52M 45 to 49 
59Callum Lewis1243:0143:08M OpenHaverhill Running Club
60Penny Boyle34443:1143:15F Open 
61Josh Neale28843:1343:20M OpenColtishall Jaguars RC
62Lucy Anderson33343:1443:20F 35 to 39Coltishall Jaguars RC
63Katie Barrett5443:2843:28F OpenCambridge & Coleridge AC
64Jackie Wren16643:4743:57F 50 to 54BRJ Run and Tri
65Keith Borrett29144:0244:07M 60 to 64 
66Martin Brigden18644:0044:10M 60 to 64Thetford AC
67Anthony Preece6044:0844:11M 45 to 49 
68Helen Wass14244:1144:16F 50 to 54Newmarket Joggers
69Dale Langham34644:2344:29M 50 to 54 
70Paula Greatbanks27444:2644:35F 40 to 44Wymondham AC
71Alex Sellers23744:2544:38M 40 to 44Brandon Fern Hoppers
72Carin Minnie22644:3644:39F 50 to 54Absolute Tri
73Owen Southwood6144:4144:51M 40 to 44 
74Vincent Bullock15444:4644:56M Open 
75Tony Tyler26045:2645:31M 55 to 59Thetford AC
76Josh Williams5545:4045:45M OpenBrandon Fern Hoppers
77Anthny Whibley5845:3245:47M 65 to 69March AC
78Shirley Standley3745:4645:50F 45 to 49 
79Kevin Piggott16545:3745:52M 55 to 59Ryston Runners
80Paul Phillips16345:3845:57M 45 to 49 
81Sarah Miller13645:5445:59F OpenHaverhill Running Club
82Sarah Southwood6245:5646:05F 35 to 39 
83Gary Hutchings29746:0146:09M 55 to 59Framlingham Flyers
84Jimmy Russell11945:5446:10M 45 to 49Felixstowe RRC
85Miranda Reynolds29446:0246:15F 40 to 44Ely Runners
86Emma Greaves27946:0346:15F 40 to 44Ely Runners
87David Paterson16046:0546:16M Open 
88Natalie King8946:1246:16F 40 to 44 
89Jim Withers10646:1946:23M 60 to 64Newmarket Joggers
90Bobbie Sauerzapf2846:1846:34F 55 to 59Bungay Black Dog RC
91Hugh Worsnop7746:3846:58M 50 to 54 
92Cathleen Crawford9246:3846:59F 50 to 54 
93Rita Rue31546:5647:04F 55 to 59Saint Edmund Pacers
94Wayne Clements7547:0447:23M Open 
95Carl Tipling10247:0547:25M Open 
96Frank Eales19847:2047:28M 65 to 69 
97Karen Page22747:3447:43F 45 to 49Saint Edmund Pacers
98David Thomas30547:3947:56M 40 to 44Bungay Black Dog RC
99Jodi Martin18048:0748:15F 35 to 39Norwich Road Runners
100Joshua Grayson11748:1848:29M Open 
101Edward Hodson9648:4648:46M Open 
102Carmel McEniery31148:3248:49F 40 to 44Cambridge & Coleridge AC
103Sam Buckmaster19248:3749:00M Open 
104Kayleigh Bailey24448:5649:03F Open 
105Emma Rawlinson6448:5849:11F Open 
106Iona Graham-Hagg32249:0249:12F 50 to 54Cambridge & Coleridge AC
107Chris Aylmer22849:1149:21M 65 to 69Newmarket Joggers
108Rebecca Wing3949:1949:22F Open 
109Carol Le Roy10749:1949:28F 35 to 39Haverhill Running Club
110Linus Marray-Woods28049:2149:29M 45 to 49 
111Lorainne Reeves849:2949:32F 40 to 44 
112Sirkka Love4849:2049:33F 60 to 64Haverhill Running Club
113Jude Durrant23849:2449:40F 45 to 49Longdale Striders
114Nigel Reynolds29349:2949:43M 50 to 54Ely Runners
115John Turner12849:3449:48M 70 to 74Ely Runners
116Karl Bedingfield4449:3549:49M 50 to 54Ely Runners
117Jonathan Hamilton6750:0550:05M Open 
118Susan Wright16449:5050:06F 45 to 49Bungay Black Dog RC
119Barry Bye20950:0450:09M 65 to 69 
120Hayley Knight9850:0850:15F 35 to 39 
121Helen Casbon27050:0150:19F 45 to 49Eye Community Runners
122Ruth Cowlin23950:1350:24F 50 to 54Sudbury Joggers
123Victoria Tustian21650:1850:31F 40 to 44 
124Liz Saxton19950:2750:33F OpenThetford AC
125Allison West29950:2650:33F 50 to 54Thetford AC
126Eloise Bird12750:3750:45F 45 to 49Saint Edmund Pacers
127Laura McKay24850:3750:51F 50 to 54 
128Patrick Molyneaux450:5150:55M Open 
129Rachael Lockwood21750:4350:59F 40 to 44Wymondham AC
130Alex Bowen22050:4750:59M OpenWymondham AC
131Sarah Kimberley8450:4251:03F 35 to 39Ryston Runners
132Emma O'Doherty11551:0151:11F 35 to 39 
133Lisa Hall21951:1951:31F 35 to 39Norwich Road Runners
134Roy Owen21451:1951:31M 65 to 69 
135Lynda McCormack7851:2551:37F 55 to 59Newmarket Joggers
136Lianne Grimes30051:2951:44F 35 to 39 
137Robert Scarfe30451:3951:49M 60 to 64Wymondham AC
138Allison Austin2451:4351:55F 50 to 54Haverhill Running Club
139Christina Lakey18351:4952:05F 35 to 39Wymondham AC
140Natalie Lewis3451:5652:08F 45 to 49Haverhill Running Club
141Chloe Jennings24652:0352:12F Open 
142Rebecca Jennings35052:0352:12F 50 to 54 
143Peter Rawlinson6552:2252:36M 50 to 54 
144Phil Jarvis13952:3052:40M 60 to 64Haverhill Running Club
145Joaquim Monteiro25152:3152:42M 60 to 64Haverhill Running Club
146Eva Osborne31252:3152:49F 70 and OverWymondham AC
147Elisabeth Peck8252:4452:55F 35 to 39Thetford AC
148Helen Sears31452:5253:00F 45 to 49 
149Claire Maskery25252:5653:12F Open 
150Angela Wheatley653:0853:19F 35 to 39 
151Sally Dormer20653:1253:26F 65 to 69 
152Clare Slattery29553:3153:37F OpenThetford AC
153Wendy Howard28453:3153:37F 40 to 44Thetford AC
154Ann Kirton26953:3153:37F 45 to 49Thetford AC
155Glynn Pearce3353:3053:39M 50 to 54 
156Laura Button13053:2253:41F OpenBungay Black Dog RC
157Hui-Imm Clarke4753:3453:42F 50 to 54 
158Tracey Cady9553:4153:49F 35 to 39 
159Heidi Smith3553:4053:49F 40 to 44 
160Jade Wren16853:4053:51F OpenBRJ Run and Tri
161Martin Wren16753:4053:51M 50 to 54BRJ Run and Tri
162Helen Velioglu28253:4153:52F 45 to 49 
163Claire Goldstone17053:5054:01F 35 to 39Thetford AC
164Steph Makins32853:4954:08F 35 to 39 
165Melanie Green7254:1054:15F 35 to 39 
166Samantha Crockett21854:0254:19F 35 to 39Red Lodge Running Club
167Malcolm Osbourn12254:0154:22M 65 to 69Newmarket Joggers
168Teresa Franklin11654:2154:30F 50 to 54Haverhill Running Club
169Michelle Gardner9754:2154:31F 45 to 49Haverhill Running Club
170Dave Cumbridge5154:1354:34M 45 to 49 
171Hayley Strivens12454:1954:41F Open 
172Zara Gardner12354:1954:41F 35 to 39 
173Brigitte Heard14654:3154:41F 50 to 54Haverhill Running Club
174Will Phillips29254:2654:48M 40 to 44 
175Lucie Burdett3254:3254:50F Open 
176Sara Burdett3154:3254:50F 55 to 59 
177Lisa Stone15854:4554:52F 45 to 49 
178Tony Hatton-Gore8854:4854:55M 60 to 64 
179Julian Johnson12054:4054:56M 40 to 44Wymondham AC
180Amy Ellis27254:4254:57F 35 to 39March AC
181Faye Scrivener954:4254:57F 40 to 44March AC
182Vicki Warwick33054:5155:00F Open 
183Jeam Freeman11454:5155:03F 50 to 54 
184Ian Roberts22554:5155:03M 50 to 54 
185Charlotte Stanley1154:4955:05F OpenHaverhill Running Club
186Kirsty Millard25454:4855:05F OpenHaverhill Running Club
187Brian Moore7354:5355:12M 65 to 69Norwich Road Runners
188Michelle Barnes23255:0855:23F 35 to 39Newmarket Joggers
189Marie Doughty13555:0655:25F 40 to 44 
190Mark Doughty13455:0755:26M 40 to 44Ryston Runners
191Joe Naughton17455:3155:36M 50 to 54Stowmarket Striders RC
192Jane Crane32955:2055:39F 35 to 39 
193Nichola Hayhoe23155:2955:45F 35 to 39 
194Lindsay Flaxmer18255:2155:45M 55 to 59 
195Jo Vickery25855:5256:01F 35 to 39Haverhill Running Club
196Rosie Gibbs23355:5356:08F Open 
197Nigel Prentis5255:5656:16M 60 to 64Young Athletes Club
198Mary Marsh556:2656:37F 60 to 64Newmarket Joggers
199Simon Pagram11156:2956:38M 50 to 54Haverhill Running Club
200Ruth Bayne28556:2956:38F 50 to 54Haverhill Running Club
201Debbie Town30156:2156:44F 45 to 49 
202Alison Wilson30256:4256:45F 40 to 44Brandon Fern Hoppers
203Sandra Hiscox11256:3956:49F 55 to 59Haverhill Running Club
204Helen Lakey18456:4457:04F 60 to 64Wymondham AC
205Richard Vincent21156:5657:11M 60 to 64 
206Julie Reeves7657:0257:19F 45 to 49West Suffolk Wheelers and Triathlon Club
207Paul Trevelyan34557:0857:22M 55 to 59 
208Bridget Griffin21357:1657:36F 45 to 49 
209Megan Saggers28657:3057:50F Open 
210Frank Carn-Pryor28757:3057:50M Open 
211Suzanne Combes19657:3857:54F 45 to 49 
212Kate Measures7957:4057:56F 45 to 49 
213Jordan Barfield10158:1258:22F OpenHaverhill Running Club
214Amanda Brewster2558:0758:29F 40 to 44 
215Trevor Rolph21058:2558:48M 60 to 64 
216Corinne West30358:4758:53F OpenThetford AC
217Alison Case17659:1559:37F 45 to 49 
218Cooper Louis30659:3559:49M 70 to 74Wymondham AC
219Graham Williams359:531:00:02M Open 
220Lynda Moore7459:421:00:02F 60 to 64Norwich Road Runners
221Liz Cole2041:00:161:00:18F 50 to 54 
222Mary Owen2151:00:191:00:37F 65 to 69 
223Salina Cumbridge501:00:311:00:52F 45 to 49 
224Carole Locke1591:00:321:00:52F 45 to 49 
225Jess Flaxmer1931:00:521:01:16F Open 
226Lisa Moss1551:01:041:01:19F 45 to 49 
227Laura Lingard1531:01:061:01:20F 50 to 54 
228Jo Perkins2711:01:141:01:31F 40 to 44 
229Sara Trowell3201:01:131:01:31F 45 to 49 
230Paul Bird3361:02:231:02:42M 50 to 54Bungay Black Dog RC
231David O'Reilly2501:02:341:02:56M Open 
232Steven O'Reilly161:02:341:02:57M Open 
233Amanda Earlam2771:03:071:03:27F 50 to 54Ely Runners
234Larraine Howard-Jones191:03:161:03:28F 45 to 49Royston Runners
235Catherine Mahony Parfitt3401:04:131:04:33F Open 
236Kate Jackson3081:04:291:04:44F 35 to 39 
237Roger Dormer11:04:231:04:46M 70 to 74 
238Louise Fogg811:05:371:06:01F Open 
239Ann Elrick1001:05:541:06:01F 40 to 44 
240Pat Brightman3211:07:101:07:28F 60 to 64Great Yarmouth & District AC
241Bethany Egan2211:09:141:09:38F Open 
242Chris Gay901:09:581:10:21F 65 to 69Stowmarket Striders RC
243Amanda Williams2661:10:211:10:32F 35 to 39Haverhill Running Club
244Rebecca Baker1711:10:321:10:55F 35 to 39 
245Tracey Rulton2021:10:461:11:00F 50 to 54 
246Samantha Walker2031:10:441:11:01F Open 
247Fiona Chapman531:10:531:11:03F OpenHaverhill Running Club
248Thomas Wellings1721:10:421:11:04M Open 
249Allan Talbot571:12:371:12:47M 65 to 69 
250Heidi Spicer2651:13:221:13:41F 40 to 44 
251Jodene Grayson1951:14:511:15:04F Open 
252Paul Grayson1941:14:511:15:04M 50 to 54 
253Tracey Garnham2341:16:541:17:09F 50 to 54 
254Claire Davies2981:17:041:17:19F 40 to 44 
255Daniel Bayles3411:17:241:17:46M OpenMarch AC
256Ann Lamboll2421:21:321:21:50F 45 to 49