A Busy Weekend - Race Timing News

Tuesday 8th May 2018

When you have one of your busiest weekends of the year it is hard to pick something out. However seeing the original car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang start the High Easter 10K was pretty cool, at least my son thought so.

You can find out more about this event at http://www.essexinfo.net/higheaster10k/

We were also busy at
Fen Drayton 10K https://www.fendrayton10k.org/
Three Forts Challenge http://www.threefortschallenge.org.uk/
Alton Water Run http://www.altonwaterrun.co.uk/
Sleaford Half Marathon https://www.sleafordhalf.com/halfmarathon/

You know its the busy season when you have just enough time to get the kit back to the office, charged and back out for another busy weekend.