iRace - Virtual Races for Running Clubs and Event Organisers*

If your unable to host your event due to restrictions or want to run a Hybrid - Event In-Person and Virtual, we have created a simple cost effective way to organise a race.

iRace is a great way to stay connected with your running community and start races from your runners front doors.

On your chosen date we host a branded race on a live interactive map.
All runners must run with a sports watch, a phone or both to track their performance to receive a time.

• Runners can choose any route
• ALL runners' receive elapsed times
• Maps shows Distance completed, speed, elevation, and pace of individuals
• Live Leader Board
• Positions, Age Group and Teams posted on ChipTimingUK website.
• Individuals and teams can race each other over specific distances and
results can be posted by runners from all over the country.

This is live. This is Race Day. This is iRace

Up & Coming Races

*Virtual Broads Walk Challenge Click Here
*Inspire Races are Sponsoring a weekly 5K & 10K event. Entry is free
Click here to visit their website*
*iRace Live Virtual 10K - Free Entry Click Here Race runners from across the country.
*Fen Gallop 4 Mile and 10K Virtual Races Click Here
*Faversham 10K Virtual Race Click Here

For a quote contact



• Download the RaceMap App to your phone (you only do this once)
• Choose your date and distance to book your place in the race
• Confirmation email will contain your bib number and RaceMap Key
• Type the key into the search bar on the RaceMap App to see the map.
• Open the map and register to run with your name and bib number

Race Day
• Charge you phone or tracker and get ready to run
• Be at the start line on time.
• Don't want to run with a phone. Use your tracker device
• Upload your time post-race

**Upload your Time. Click Here. GPX, KML, TXC file
Or email a screenshot to**

Guide to Starting Live Tracking on your phone. Click Here


Live Interactive Map with our Partner RaceMap
• All races adhere to Gov't guidelines on Social Distancing
• Live Map tracks and displays the routes taken by each runner
• Individual profile shows distance ran, speed, elevation and pace
• Run with your sports tracker, phone or both
• Times are live or added later by GPX, KML, TCX file or screenshot.
• Live tracking is available via your phone
• With Live Tracking your times will be automatically added to the race
• Share the map with friends and family, they can follow you live
• Spectators can send motivational texts
• Please abide by the highway code and be respectful of others


Live Leader Board

• Leader Board displays elapsed time and splits
• We only use elapsed times just like race day
• Updates automatically via your phone
• Upload GPX, KML, TCX files post race
• We add times via a screenshot of your device
• Submit times within 8 hours of the race start

How It Works

Pre Race Day
• Download the RaceMap App to your phone - You only do this once.
• Choose your date and distance and book your spot in the race
• You will receive a confirmation email which will contain
-Your Bib Number
-A RaceMap key for the App
• Type the key into the search bar on the Race Map App. The key will
open the map and you can register to run with your name and bib

Race Day
• Ensure your phone and/or Sports Tracker is fully charged
• If your using Live Tracking
- Open the RaceMap App, select your race
- Hit Start Live Tracking 15mins before the race starts
• Live Tracking via phones can be affected by:
-Low signal, dense tree coverage or tight narrow course.
-We advise using a sport tracker as well.
• Be at your start line at the designated start time
• Make sure the route is at least the event length and free of traffic
• Complete your activity in the designated event completion time frame
• Make sure you complete the event distance.
- No problem if you go further, we'll calculate your finish time
• Take a Finisher's Photo to share with your fellow finishers
• Use your phone and your time will automatically be on the Leader Board
• Or submit your sport tracker data within 8 hours of the race start time.
• Your confirmation email will have a link to the Upload page
• Or use the link above. Upload GPX, KML or TXC files.
• Send us a screenshot of the your device and we will add your time
• Final results will be listed on the results page of our website
• Maps will be listed on the Maps Page of our website


How do you help with Social Distancing

We will firstly limit the number of runners with in a postcode to ensure we do not have to many people running in a small location.

We ask that everyone respects everyone else who may be out on the streets and gives everyone the recommended space. Smile at others and give a wave as you maybe on the same journey

I want to run with a family member that does not have a sports watch/smart phone.

Please upload the same GPX as you use for the person you are running with.
A GPX file can be downloaded from the leaderboard.

How do I know my bib number?

Your Race Number will be emailed to you along with your RaceMap key before the race.

How do I know the race key for the RaceMap App

Your key will be emailed to you before race day.

If you do not receive this before race day email

Ho do I activate Live Tracking on my phone?

Download the Start Live Tracking document available above or view

What if my phone stops tracking during the run?

Do to the nature of the live tracking, it requires a good phonee signal for the duration of the event. We therfore suggest using a sports tracker as this only requires GPS and then a file can be uploaded at

When will official results be available?

official individual and Team results will be published at 12 hours after race start time. Therefore all times need to be uploaded within 8 hours of start time.

What if I am late to the start line?

If you start late and complete within the time frame you will get a results. For example a 5k will start at 10am and finish at 11.30am. therefore you need to run your distance within this time frame and you will get a result.

How can I see who is running and where they are?

If the person you are looking to watch is using the live tracking you will be able to view them via the Racemap App and choose the event in question.

Alternatively you can go to and view the map.

Why is there no medal?

Currently ChipTimingUK staff are trying minimize the amount of contact we have with others. Therefore posting medals is difficult for us at this time.

Can I swap my place with a friend?

We unfortunately can not do transfers due to the pop up nature of the events?

Will there be an award ceremony?

No not at this time