Ipswich Jaffa Ekiden 2018 Junior Results

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PosNameRace NoTimeCateg PosGenderGender PosLaps - No of LapsStartLap1Lap2Lap3Lap4
1Fram Flyers All-Stars U11B400:28:211Male1400:00:0000:06:4700:06:4600:07:2300:07:23
2Waveney Warriors U11B6900:28:472Male2400:00:0000:07:3100:07:2400:06:4700:07:02
3Fxt Catch me if you can U11B4700:28:493Male3400:00:0000:06:4600:07:1100:07:2200:07:30
4Norwich Road Runners A Boys U112400:28:544Male4400:00:0000:06:2800:08:1300:07:1100:07:00
5Waveney Wolves6300:29:075Male5400:00:0000:07:0800:07:0600:06:5600:07:55
6JAFFA HURRICANE U11B3900:29:116Male6400:00:0000:06:3300:07:1800:07:3700:07:41
7Norwich Road Runners A Boys U112500:31:027Male7400:00:0000:07:5600:07:4400:08:2500:06:53
8Harwich Runners - Team 1 Juniors U11B5300:31:298Male8400:00:0000:06:3700:08:0900:08:2100:08:19
9Kesgrave Kruisers U11B6600:32:059Male9400:00:0000:07:3600:08:0000:08:3000:07:56
10Fram Flyers Legends900:32:2710Male10400:00:0000:08:5500:07:4900:08:3500:07:06
11Waveney Thunder7100:32:5411Male11400:00:0000:08:0100:08:2300:07:3700:08:50
12JAFFA CYCLONE U11B3800:33:0012Male12400:00:0000:09:1100:07:3400:08:1300:08:00
13Braintree & District Athletics Club Junior Boys U1100:33:1813Male13400:00:0000:07:1800:09:2300:09:0800:07:27
14Norwich Road Runners B Boys U115600:34:0914Male14400:00:0000:08:0100:10:2400:07:5700:07:44
15Fram Flyers Speedsters U11B1100:35:4015Male15400:00:0000:09:3700:08:3400:09:1600:08:10
PosNameRace NoTimeCategoryCateg PosGenderGender PosLaps - No of LapsStartLap1Lap2Lap3Lap4
1Beccles & Bungay U11G Juniors 11600:30:53Unknown1Female1400:00:0000:06:3700:08:0800:08:0900:07:57
2JAFFA WHIRLWIND U11G4400:31:57Unknown2Female2400:00:0000:06:5800:07:5500:08:2000:08:43
3Fram Flyers Falcons U11G600:34:11Unknown3Female3400:00:0000:07:3600:08:3400:08:4200:09:16
4Norwich Road Runners A Girls U112600:34:40Unknown4Female4400:00:0000:08:0500:09:2200:09:1000:08:01
5Fram Flyers Hawks U11G800:34:55Unknown5Female5400:00:0000:08:1100:09:1500:08:3800:08:48
6Waveney Fire U11G7200:36:45Unknown6Female6400:00:0000:07:4800:08:5400:09:5300:10:06
7Black Dog Cyclones U11G4900:39:18Unknown7Female7400:00:0000:10:2600:10:3000:08:3000:09:48
8Fxt Ankle biters U11G4800:43:02Unknown8Female8400:00:0000:10:3200:11:4600:11:4700:08:54
PosNameRace NoTimeCateg PosGenderGender PosLaps - No of LapsStartLap1Lap2Lap3Lap4
1Black Dog Hurricanes U11MX5000:30:071Female1400:00:0000:07:1700:08:0300:07:4100:07:04
2St Mary's A6400:33:121Male1400:00:0000:07:5300:08:3500:08:2300:08:19
3Fxt Leg it U11MX7300:33:332Male2400:00:0000:08:3000:07:5500:07:2500:09:40
4St Mary's B7000:34:072Female2400:00:0000:08:4600:08:1100:08:3500:08:32
5JAFFA BREEZE 1 U11MX3600:34:183Male3400:00:0000:07:5500:09:2500:08:3000:08:25
6Harwich Runners - Team 3 Juniors U11MX6000:36:013Female3400:00:0000:08:0300:09:2300:10:0600:08:25
7GBRC Juniors U11MX6200:37:254Male4400:00:0000:08:2700:11:0000:09:0700:08:50
8Kesgrave Kruisers U11MX6500:41:025Male5400:00:0000:08:4400:11:4000:11:1500:09:20
9Haverhill Juniors OMMMG2800:41:586Male6400:00:0000:10:1800:11:0200:09:4500:10:49
PosNameRace NoTimeCateg PosGenderGender PosLaps - No of LapsStartLap1Lap2Lap3Lap4
1JAFFA STORM 12B4000:25:381Male1400:00:0000:06:0600:06:1600:06:1800:06:57
2Fram Flyers Boys U16500:26:162Male2400:00:0000:06:2000:06:1600:06:1500:07:23
3Waveney Juniors 12B6700:26:433Male3400:00:0000:06:0300:07:0300:07:0800:06:27
4Tambo Flyers 12B300:26:454Male4400:00:0000:06:2000:07:0000:06:4100:06:42
5The Young Ones 12B2300:27:185Male5400:00:0000:05:5800:06:3700:08:5400:05:47
6Norwich Road Runners A Boys U165700:28:286Male6400:00:0000:07:0300:07:1800:07:0200:07:02
7Colchester Harriers 12B A2000:29:017Male7400:00:0000:06:4100:07:0600:07:1100:07:02
8JAFFA ZEPHYRS 12B3400:29:218Male8400:00:0000:06:4100:07:1300:06:5900:08:26
9Colchester Harriers 12B B2100:32:169Male9400:00:0000:06:4500:08:4900:07:3800:09:00
PosNameRace NoTimeCateg PosGenderGender PosLaps - No of LapsStartLap1Lap2Lap3Lap4
1Fram Flyers Girls U16700:28:521Female1400:00:0000:06:4400:07:0600:07:4900:07:12
2JAFFA TORNADO 12G4200:29:162Female2400:00:0000:06:4900:07:3300:07:1900:07:34
3Colchester Harriers 12G A2200:29:283Female3400:00:0000:07:0900:07:2200:07:3700:07:18
4JAFFA TYPHOON 12G4300:31:434Female4400:00:0000:07:2800:08:2200:07:5600:07:55
5Colchester Harriers 12G B3500:32:075Female5400:00:0000:08:0400:07:4600:08:3300:07:42
6JAFFA TEMPEST 12G4100:35:036Female6400:00:0000:09:2200:08:3500:07:5100:09:14
7Fxt Fantastic four 12G4600:38:117Female7400:00:0000:07:3400:13:2200:09:0000:08:13
8Saxon Juniors 12G1900:39:438Female8400:00:0000:08:1400:09:3800:11:0300:10:47
9Colchester Harriers 12G C3300:16:299Female9200:00:0000:07:3600:08:51 
PosNameRace NoTimeCateg PosGenderGender PosLaps - No of LapsStartLap1Lap2Lap3Lap4
1Black Dog Whirlwinds 12MX5500:27:281Male1400:00:0000:06:0900:08:2200:07:0100:05:54
2Stowmarket Striders Juniors Team 1 12MX3000:28:172Male2400:00:0000:06:1000:07:5600:06:4500:07:24
3Black Dog Tornadoes 12MX5100:28:523Male3400:00:0000:07:0600:07:0700:07:5400:06:43
4Waveney Lightening 12MX6800:31:101Female1400:00:0000:07:5400:07:5100:09:0300:06:19
5Haverhill Juniors JAAF2900:31:272Female2400:00:0000:08:2800:08:2500:07:2500:07:06
6Beccles & Bungay 12MX Juniors 31800:31:423Female3400:00:0000:06:4600:08:3500:08:0400:08:15
7Norwich Road Runners A Mixed U165800:32:104Female4400:00:0000:07:4700:08:3600:07:4600:07:59
8JAFFA BREEZE 2 12MX3700:32:244Male4400:00:0000:06:4200:09:3400:08:3500:07:32
9Stowmarket Striders Juniors Team 2 12MX3100:33:415Male5400:00:0000:06:4500:08:2800:08:5600:09:30
10Hadleigh Junior Team A1200:33:435Female5400:00:0000:07:2500:09:0200:08:1800:08:57
11Harwich Runners - Team 2 Juniors 12MX5400:33:506Male6400:00:0000:06:3700:10:4200:08:2400:08:05
12Black Dog Typhoons 12MX5200:34:027Male7400:00:0000:08:2200:08:1800:08:2600:07:55
13Kesgrave Kruisers 12MX200:34:386Female6400:00:0000:07:4200:08:4400:09:0300:09:08
14Stowmarket Striders Juniors Team 3 12MX3200:34:478Male8400:00:0000:08:2500:07:4800:08:5100:09:40
15Fxt Born to run 12MX4500:34:497Female7400:00:0000:07:3200:10:1300:08:5100:08:13
16Fram Flyers Mixed U161000:35:019Male9400:00:0000:08:0200:07:5300:09:5300:09:11
17Beccles & Bungay 12 MX Juniors 21700:35:248Female8400:00:0000:08:2300:08:2200:08:4800:09:48
18Norwich Road Runners A Mixed U165900:36:2710Male10400:00:0000:09:1800:11:1400:08:1000:07:42
19Haverhill Juniors MARIO6100:36:459Female9400:00:0000:08:4200:08:1700:10:5400:08:50
20Hadleigh Junior Team C1400:37:3610Female10400:00:0000:09:4600:08:2500:09:3000:08:51
21Hadleigh Junior Team B1300:41:0611Female11400:00:0000:09:5300:09:4000:10:5300:09:36
PlaceNameBib NoGenderLapsTotal TimeCategory Finish PlaceCategory Name
1Kit Evans-Lombe92M15:451Boys 12 and over
2Joseph Smith220M15:521mixed 12 and over
3Charlie Turner89M15:562Boys 12 and over
4George Browne265M16:013Boys 12 and over
5Matthew Bennett157M16:044Boys 12 and over
6Reuben Andrews217M16:072mixed 12 and over
7Jake Hayward117M16:073mixed 12 and over
8Charlie Peacher19M16:135Boys 12 and over
9Ethan Schultz158M16:146Boys 12 and over
10Alec MacKay18M16:147Boys 12 and over
11Hugh Catchpole159M16:158Boys 12 and over
12George Browne272M16:174mixed 12 and over
13Joshua Clayton17M16:189Boys 12 and over
14Patrick Stebbens9M16:1910Boys 12 and over
15Joel Burgess268M16:2511Boys 12 and over
16Zack Dunne93M16:261Boys 11 and under
17Sidney Tilley153M16:302Boys 11 and under
18Amelia Webber61F16:351Girls 11 and under
19Eddie Cannons209M16:353Boys 11 and under
20Tom Turner90M16:3512Boys 12 and over
21Michael Knowles213M16:365mixed 12 and over
22William Long77M16:3813Boys 12 and over
23Felix Cordeaux11M16:3814Boys 12 and over
24Fynn Bourne133M16:3915Boys 12 and over
25Mark MacAsil12M16:4016Boys 12 and over
26Luke Baker145M16:416mixed 12 and over
27Tess Andrews204F16:417mixed 12 and over
28Iwan Fothergill185M16:424Boys 11 and under
29Millie Taylor25F16:421Girls 12 and over
30George Cain121M16:428mixed 12 and over
31William Gilmour14M16:435Boys 11 and under
32Edward Owen-Stiff119M16:439mixed 12 and over
33Brandon Barber13M16:446Boys 11 and under
34Charlie Walder81M16:4417Boys 12 and over
35Josh Smith275M16:457Boys 11 and under
36Brooke Oram69F16:4710mixed 12 and over
37Jasmine Bilner165F16:472Girls 12 and over
38Zach Dunn100M16:508Boys 11 and under
39Freya Wilcox173F16:532Girls 11 and under
40Lewis Barnes251M16:539Boys 11 and under
41Oliver Langner160M16:5418Boys 12 and over
42Thomas Southgate135M16:5619Boys 12 and over
43Marley Mann96M16:5710Boys 11 and under
44Archie Nolan10M16:5820Boys 12 and over
45Elliot Chapman219M16:5811mixed 12 and over
46Theo Chong276M16:5911Boys 11 and under
47Tommy Colsell80M16:5921Boys 12 and over
48James Goldpsink227M16:5922Boys 12 and over
49Archie Manton228M17:0023Boys 12 and over
50William Browne266M17:0024Boys 12 and over
51George Goodby200M17:011Mixed 11 and under
52Luke Cornish225M17:0225Boys 12 and over
53James Burgess250M17:0312Boys 11 and under
54Freddie Cox-Hartigan201M17:0312mixed 12 and over
55Brandon Barber36M17:0313Boys 11 and under
56Charlie Parmenter78M17:0426Boys 12 and over
57Fliss Kindred-Kirk26F17:043Girls 12 and over
58Angus Duckworth-Smith116M17:0413mixed 12 and over
59Thomas Supple249M17:0514Boys 11 and under
60Harry Smith202M17:0514mixed 12 and over
61Jack Gooch267M17:0527Boys 12 and over
62Grace Rothwell85F17:074Girls 12 and over
63Keane Mann95M17:0815Boys 11 and under
64Harrison Leek79M17:0928Boys 12 and over
65Cian Fothergill186M17:0916Boys 11 and under
66Lily Bemmer28F17:095Girls 12 and over
67Archie Reynolds134M17:1129Boys 12 and over
68Oliver Mizon1M17:1517Boys 11 and under
69Alexandra Cobba Bell88F17:156Girls 12 and over
70Elliott Nightingale154M17:1518Boys 11 and under
71Tom Carey226M17:1630Boys 12 and over
72Francescca Roberts167F17:167Girls 12 and over
73Eloise Morran197F17:172Mixed 11 and under
74Harry Read187M17:2019Boys 11 and under
75Madeleine Claydon86F17:208Girls 12 and over
76Archie Kinsman16M17:2020Boys 11 and under
77Matthew Rodwell20M17:2031Boys 12 and over
78Tommy Kirk15M17:2121Boys 11 and under
79Isabella Welch120F17:2215mixed 12 and over
80Jed Randall115M17:2216mixed 12 and over
81Ben Morgan291M17:223Mixed 11 and under
82James McAllen274M17:2222Boys 11 and under
83Sara Scaife45F17:2417mixed 12 and over
84Alistair Mizon4M17:2523Boys 11 and under
85Madeline Lansdown169F17:259Girls 12 and over
86Luke Gavin188M17:2724Boys 11 and under
87Cohen Copeman273M17:2925Boys 11 and under
88Marrisa Lee177F17:3018mixed 12 and over
89Yolanda Sparkes166F17:3010Girls 12 and over
90Jasmine Bilner148M17:3019mixed 12 and over
91Jack Goodwin181F17:3111Girls 12 and over
92Zara Hanman168F17:3112Girls 12 and over
93Ethan Wade150M17:3226Boys 11 and under
94Luke Stafford261M17:3327Boys 11 and under
95Emily McGill129F17:3413Girls 12 and over
96Jude Benson-Smith283M17:3428Boys 11 and under
97Eva Mawson21F17:343Girls 11 and under
98Emily Henderson87F17:3514Girls 12 and over
99Josh Clements155M17:3529Boys 11 and under
100Barney Balding83M17:3632Boys 12 and over
101Joe Allcock199M17:394Mixed 11 and under
102Findlay Bush156M17:3930Boys 11 and under
103Maisie Waller Toyne140F17:3915Girls 12 and over
104Rohan Day98M17:3931Boys 11 and under
105James Goldpsink236M17:3920mixed 12 and over
106Orla Holland5F17:4021mixed 12 and over
107Oscar Gent224M17:4132Boys 11 and under
108Hannah Colby231F17:4322mixed 12 and over
109Missy Buxton138F17:4416Girls 12 and over
110Alex McNamara126M17:4523mixed 12 and over
111Anna Colbridge285F17:464Girls 11 and under
112Isobel Gilmour27F17:4617Girls 12 and over
113Maria Belderbos229F17:4624mixed 12 and over
114Bernard Evans34M17:4633Boys 11 and under
115Alexandra Goodhand163F17:4818Girls 12 and over
116Isabella Christmas-Ablett270F17:4925mixed 12 and over
117Poric Niekirk38M17:5026mixed 12 and over
118Ben Shaw253M17:515Mixed 11 and under
119Jack Allcock203M17:5127mixed 12 and over
120Reuben Colbridge252M17:5234Boys 11 and under
121Ella Newman269F17:5228mixed 12 and over
122Calum Morran208M17:5229mixed 12 and over
123Noah Deasey141M17:526Mixed 11 and under
124Grace Harley172F17:5319Girls 12 and over
125Amelie Stephens290F17:537Mixed 11 and under
126Georgia Barrow174F17:535Girls 11 and under
127Jason Georgalas264M17:5335Boys 11 and under
128Henry Cain118F17:5330mixed 12 and over
129Saffron Mitchel Andrews171F17:5320Girls 12 and over
130Archie Heather223M17:5436Boys 11 and under
131Molly Gard64F17:556Girls 11 and under
132Gabe Inns232M17:5631mixed 12 and over
133Toby Lansdown152M17:5737Boys 11 and under
134Lexi Heather104F17:587Girls 11 and under
135Alex Georgalas262M17:5838Boys 11 and under
136Ben Goldspink221M17:5839Boys 11 and under
137Liam Bridges281M17:5940Boys 11 and under
138Joshua Woodley198M18:008Mixed 11 and under
139Diego Amorim37M18:0032mixed 12 and over
140Darcy Peck237F18:019Mixed 11 and under
141Enya Calver-Brown71F18:0133mixed 12 and over
142Daisy Rickwood137F18:0221Girls 12 and over
143Fraya Peck216F18:0334mixed 12 and over
144Jessica Hyam101F18:038Girls 11 and under
145Rebecca Sinden62F18:069Girls 11 and under
146Cadence Calver-Brown63F18:0710Girls 11 and under
147Sam Barstow210F18:0741Boys 11 and under
148Niall Cox44M18:0742Boys 11 and under
149Tom Carey235M18:0835mixed 12 and over
150Liberty Morris29F18:0811Girls 11 and under
151Theo Barnes278M18:0910Mixed 11 and under
152Riannon Evans180F18:1036mixed 12 and over
153Oscar Love94M18:1043Boys 11 and under
154Robbie Laing151M18:1044Boys 11 and under
155Marrisa Lee184F18:1122Girls 12 and over
156Taisy Wiseman73F18:1123Girls 12 and over
157Josh Blackwell72M18:1237mixed 12 and over
158Juliet Bigley242F18:1538mixed 12 and over
159Ella Jarvis47F18:1639mixed 12 and over
160Noah Rickards206M18:1640mixed 12 and over
161Eddison Barker212M18:1645Boys 11 and under
162Noah Parkinson256M18:1711Mixed 11 and under
163Anna Sullivan175F18:1812Girls 11 and under
164Charlie Newman211M18:1946Boys 11 and under
165Alfie Bone205M18:1941mixed 12 and over
166Lauren West218F18:2042mixed 12 and over
167Freya Palmer170F18:2024Girls 12 and over
168Abigail Head66F18:2043mixed 12 and over
169Katie Head65F18:2044mixed 12 and over
170Rose McBride255F18:2112Mixed 11 and under
171Max Stapleton215M18:2145mixed 12 and over
172Alfie Caplin282M18:2147Boys 11 and under
173Ruby Avis54F18:2246mixed 12 and over
174Eleanor Newman240F18:2213Mixed 11 and under
175Molly Bewsher144F18:2214Mixed 11 and under
176Lachlan Hadden99M18:2348Boys 11 and under
177Chloe Francis207F18:2347mixed 12 and over
178Adam Everitt114M18:2348mixed 12 and over
179Sonny Larke125M18:2349mixed 12 and over
180Reece Mitchel Andrews136M18:2433Boys 12 and over
181Charlie Sharp245M18:2415Mixed 11 and under
182Charlie Beer122M18:2650mixed 12 and over
183Millie English195F18:2613Girls 11 and under
184Freya Rooted113F18:2751mixed 12 and over
185Bella Jamieson143F18:2716Mixed 11 and under
186Kieran Holland263M18:2749Boys 11 and under
187Josh Goodwin289M18:2817Mixed 11 and under
188Amelie Barrow280F18:3018Mixed 11 and under
189Alice Begg139F18:3125Girls 12 and over
190Arabella Usher162F18:3226Girls 12 and over
191Tiggy Robinson22F18:3214Girls 11 and under
192Albion Denton-Cardew42M18:3250Boys 11 and under
193Nancy Akyol254F18:3219Mixed 11 and under
194Stanley Peacher35M18:3251Boys 11 and under
195Charlie Adams147F18:3252mixed 12 and over
196Kaitlin Sinden70F18:3253mixed 12 and over
197Isabella Barrow279F18:3220Mixed 11 and under
198Kyra Cornish230F18:3354mixed 12 and over
199Felicity Morris31F18:3515Girls 11 and under
200Maisie Ali23F18:4016Girls 11 and under
201Sophia Dawdry-Wall176F18:4017Girls 11 and under
202Charlotte Hulyer241F18:4155mixed 12 and over
203Patrick Holland6M18:4256mixed 12 and over
204Stanley Mickleburgh257M18:4221Mixed 11 and under
205Maddy Hayward-Brackenbury277F18:4422Mixed 11 and under
206Betsy Kirk32F18:4418Girls 11 and under
207Owen Andrews67M18:4557mixed 12 and over
208Connor Sharp248M18:4723Mixed 11 and under
209Sorren Spall244M18:4758mixed 12 and over
210Alex Walder82M18:4734Boys 12 and over
211Charlie Mudd284M18:4752Boys 11 and under
212Jessica Read179M18:4859mixed 12 and over
213Ryan Fosker56M18:4860mixed 12 and over
214Annie Owen-Stiff127F18:4961mixed 12 and over
215Hannah Rogers130F18:4927Girls 12 and over
216Imogen Catley192F18:5119Girls 11 and under
217Ruby Benson-Smith286F18:5120Girls 11 and under
218George Wharam91M18:5235Boys 12 and over
219Owen Cox33M18:5253Boys 11 and under
220Megan Meadows123F18:5462mixed 12 and over
221Kurtis Harrington48M18:5463mixed 12 and over
222Olivia Catley183F18:5728Girls 12 and over
223Bhramav Rajesh84M18:5836Boys 12 and over
224Heather Blacoe46F18:5964mixed 12 and over
225Billy Holland7M19:0065mixed 12 and over
226Seth Frankland271M19:0166mixed 12 and over
227Evie Foster247F19:0324Mixed 11 and under
228Amelia Barnfield8F19:0567mixed 12 and over
229Edward Grainger3M19:0554Boys 11 and under
230Poppy Belderbos103F19:0821Girls 11 and under
231Jacob Everett40M19:0868mixed 12 and over
232Leonardo Wright149M19:0855Boys 11 and under
233Tilly Bourne164F19:1129Girls 12 and over
234Beatrice Amorim30F19:1322Girls 11 and under
235Amber Whittingstall24F19:1323Girls 11 and under
236Oscar Pendle43M19:1456Boys 11 and under
237Gabe Inns233M19:1569mixed 12 and over
238Archie Harris260M19:1725Mixed 11 and under
239Tallulah Houghton102F19:1924Girls 11 and under
240Nicholas Grainger2M19:2057Boys 11 and under
241Eva Palmer161F19:2030Girls 12 and over
242Aidan Downs238M19:2126Mixed 11 and under
243Amelia Calvert142F19:2527Mixed 11 and under
244Harriet Owen-Stiff124F19:2770mixed 12 and over
245Elena Cook55F19:2871mixed 12 and over
246Mark Richardson146M19:3172mixed 12 and over
247Billy Oxford52M19:3373mixed 12 and over
248Isaac Robinson41M19:3458Boys 11 and under
249Francesca Wiseman74F19:3531Girls 12 and over
250 Oelle292F19:3728Mixed 11 and under
251Ella Bodsworth50F19:3874mixed 12 and over
252Jack Garnham128M19:3875mixed 12 and over
253Dougie Millard111M19:4329Mixed 11 and under
254India Bostock53F19:4476mixed 12 and over
255Caroline Cox-Hartigan196F19:4525Girls 11 and under
256Nicole Pentelow68F19:4577mixed 12 and over
257Bailey Robinson39F19:5078mixed 12 and over
258Josephine Scaife49F19:5179mixed 12 and over
259Eden Benson-Smith287F19:5126Girls 11 and under
260Eryn Lewis239F110:0330Mixed 11 and under
261Erin Burgess288F110:0327Girls 11 and under
262Ruby Lee178F110:1080mixed 12 and over
263Eddie Mosley109M110:1531Mixed 11 and under
264Sonny Jacobs222M110:2259Boys 11 and under
265Molly Montgomery193F110:2328Girls 11 and under
266Iris Bailey194F110:2729Girls 11 and under
267Jessica Fiddaman189F110:2930Girls 11 and under
268Annabelle Brooks214F110:4081mixed 12 and over
269Thea Cowley76F110:4432Girls 12 and over
270Kai Gale112F110:4732Mixed 11 and under
271Isabel Scaife51F110:5082mixed 12 and over
272Kyle Batterbee243M110:5183mixed 12 and over
273Laci Wakeling246F110:5733Mixed 11 and under
274Stanley Martin110M110:5934Mixed 11 and under
275Keira Cowley75F111:0033Girls 12 and over
276Layla Harris234F111:1284mixed 12 and over
277Poppy Rush259F111:1235Mixed 11 and under
278Maria Georgalas258F111:3836Mixed 11 and under
279 Ennifer191F111:4431Girls 11 and under
280 Acy190F111:4432Girls 11 and under
281Becky Hayfield182F113:2034Girls 12 and over