Tracking for Outdoor Events

We can offer event tracking from the individual up to mass participation events. We offer tracking using GPS units, an APP or tracking via RFID. The GPS trackers are simple to operate with a single power button to get them started. Suitable for the following Running, Cycling, Challenges, DofE, Scouting, Girl Guiding, Canoeing, Horse Riding and many other sports.


Event tracker hire from £10.00 per tracker including live tracking website
RFID tracking for large events - Please contact us to see how we can best help
Tracking includes leader board, elevation profile, sponsor banners and event replay


  • Live Tracking
  • Chip timed start and finish
  • Light weight trackers
  • Route maps with checkpoints built into maps
  • Increase safety and people management
  • Help with future planning
  • Powered by RaceMap

Ask us how we can best help you on your event.